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No more clutter-stress. Our personal home office organizer will fix that.

Clutter Corrections begins each project with a phone consultation that gets things launched on the right path to success. During this call, we discuss with you in detail the specific spaces and issues that need attention due to clutter, disorganization, or other focus. We will also discuss the goals and outcomes you seek to achieve. This call allows us to propose the right service for you.

Clutter Corrections

The Space Assessment

Clutter Corrections believes that transparency and clarity are the keys to meeting client expectations, and our next step in the process is a space assessment. We visit you for an appointment to get the necessary information to share the project scope and timeline with you.

Clutter Corrections

Comprehensive Plan

Once we have seen the space, we will be able to formulate a plan that meets the needs you’ve identified with the time and resources we believe will complete the job. This may include product/supply shopping to create a functional, completed space.

Clutter Corrections

Launch Day

We come to your home or office on an agreed-upon date to start the work. As the project progresses, we take the lead in working as a team with you in sorting through your items to identify what needs organization, purging, or other placement. Once we have separated items into groups, we proceed with the organization of everything you have decided to keep. Upon completion, you will be provided with techniques to ensure that maintenance of the area remains hassle-free. Because the sorting and technique instruction requires your presence, we urge you to plan to be available on the days we are working in your space.

Home Organizing FAQS

Who is your typical client and how can you help them?
We work with busy, mature individuals who are ready and committed to making a lifestyle change.

Do I have to throw my things away?
That decision is completely up to you. If clutter is interfering with your life and preventing you from achieving your goals, we will help you identify items that need to find a new home. Nonetheless, you decide whether to donate, keep, or toss. We promise to applaud you as you let go of the things that you no longer need, use, or love; the things that are ultimately an obstacle between you and the things you do love and use.

How long will it take to get organized?
Probably less time than you can ever imagine. Every space is different and how quickly a person can make a decision is different. Staying on task and taking short breaks when necessary, all help in making the time very productive. With each session, you will see a noticeably tangible improvement

Are you insured?
Yes, we are bonded and maintain a general liability policy.

Clutter Corrections

Home Office Organizing FAQS

How long will it take to get through the piles of paper?
This depends on the type of documents, their importance, and how quickly decisions can be made to keep or let go.

Where do I store the documents that I am going to keep?
We will work with you to decide whether you want to store hard copies in a filing cabinet or container, or if you want to explore digital filing options.

How do I know what documents I should keep?
We encourage our clients to identify and keep legal documents, financial records, and items of personal significance. We also work on systems for periodic review and purge of documents that you no longer need.

How can I get rid of the unwanted documents with sensitive information?
We help our clients decide whether to work with a reputable shredding company or purchase a quality office shredder and DIY.

Aging In Place Organizing

If you are one of 70% of Americans who prefers to spend their golden years in their own home, Clutter Corrections can help transform your space, making it safe and accessible for changing needs.


“Corliss did an amazing job helping me organize my cosmetics, clothes, shoes, purses, workout equipment, etc. She helped create a system that works and motivates me to maintain organization. She has a great understanding of how to make the best use of space, and everything has a home now. I highly recommend her, as she works diligently and is very kind. I enjoyed working with her!”

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