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Our move management services cater to your home relocation to help you before you move with a pre-pack prep.

Moving is no one’s favorite task … except ours! With Clutter Corrections on your team, you can avoid a stressful experience and witness a transformation that starts with decluttering your old space and ends with a well-arranged new home to launch the next phase of your life.

Moving Preparation
Whether you are upsizing your lifestyle from an apartment to a new house or transitioning as an empty-nester or retiree, it can feel frightening to know where to start, how to manage, and how to finish. As professional organizers, Clutter Corrections will provide efficient moving preparations and unpacking services to help you transition to your new life seamlessly. With your collaboration, we take care of the decluttering, donation drop-off, and disposal of items you are ready to say goodbye to as you move to your next home. We can work together to decide what needs to go with you and what items won’t be taking up space in your new home. No one wants to open a box with a trashcan full of trash or spend hours looking for the bedding before you can sleep in your new home. With our help on the front end, your move will have none of these stresses.

Listing Your Home
If you are listing your current home for sale, we can help with decluttering and organizing decisions to make your space as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Setting Up in the New Home
Your new home is a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. Once you or your professional movers have delivered your possessions to your new home, we can help with unpacking and arranging so that you can quickly and comfortably regain order in your life. We help you visualize and realize the best, most appealing use of your new space so that you can quickly feel at ease in your new home.

Clutter Corrections
When it comes to moves, we will:
  • Get you out of your old space
  • Get you there and
  • Get you started in your new home
Clutter Corrections
When it comes to moves, we will:
  • Get you out of your old space
  • Get you there and
  • Get you started in your new home


Who does the packing?
We do not do pre-move packing. However, we will declutter your home to make the process easier. We will team up with moving companies who do provide packing services, and we will act as the “move-in day” representative to direct your professional movers on how to properly label boxes for ease of unloading and eventual unpacking in the new space.

Who does the unpacking?
Here’s where we come in. We will supervise movers and help with the unpacking to make sure everything is in its proper place.

Will everything be unpacked all at once?
No, we unpack boxes room by room, focusing on those rooms that are the highest priority for you.

How long will the unpacking process take?
That depends on how many boxes there are to unpack and whether the movers placed the boxes in the corresponding rooms. It usually takes several sessions to complete the entire unpacking and organizing process.

Estate Clean Out

Losing a loved one is the hardest time to think about material gently and strategically guides you through the process of organizing and disposing of your loved one’s things.


“After the death of a parent, Corliss recently helped us conduct a whole house clean out. As we are located out of town this was a difficult time due to COVID since we could not easily be there in person. Corliss quickly took the stress out of the situation. She organized key sentimental items for shipment to us, arranged for donation of furniture and other items and went out of her way to help with many miscellaneous details difficult to conduct from afar. Corliss is always prompt for appointments and provides quick responses phone calls and texts. We highly recommend Clutter Corrections for anyone looking for just little help organizing their current space to major help such as whole house cleanout.”

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