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Close Out Your Month on a Good Note

We talk about getting started on the right foot, but I think, before we can start a new month, we should wrap up the old month with a feeling of accomplishment. That’s why I host a free virtual Talk & Tidy small group session on the last Wednesday of every month. We all have that pantry, closet, or drawer that feels like it needs some TLC, and a group session is a great way to learn how to remove clutter your home from a professional organizer, share in the work with other participants, and feel the weight lifted off you by crossing this challenge off your to-do list.

Removing Clutter – Good for You and Your Space

It has long been recognized that reducing clutter can be good for your mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, tidying up can lead to feelings of stress, sadness, and frustration. Stanford University BeWell News notes that “clutter has a profound effect on our self-esteem and our mood.” Reducing the number of objects in one space can help with distraction and concentration as well. In other words, organizing doesn’t just work on your space; it works on your mind and spirit.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

I started the Talk & Tidy sessions because, from my experience, my clients feel overwhelmed with big projects. It’s best to declutter your home by starting with a manageable space and conquering the clutter there. This will give you a clean space to inspire more “clutter corrections.” In my experience, the confidence and satisfaction inspired by finishing this organization give my clients the confidence to keep going, and my virtual sessions provide some key tools to help keep the momentum going. Often, the participants will see what another person is taking on, and they want to try that as their next project. But, not to worry, if you need to work with a professional organizer, I am ready to help you with your next steps as well.

So, What’s it Like?

Some people find it hard to imagine how a Talk & Tidy session works. I like to follow a format that I have found gives the most results to the participants.

Exclusive attendance: Let’s start with who gets to be a participant. I limit the group to people who are actually organizing something. It can feel vulnerable to show other folks your mess, and it’s only fair to work with folks who are taking the same risk. In addition, each participant gets the benefit of hearing the advice and instruction I offer to the others, and a non-organizer just doesn’t add value.

Small group, big strides: I set up each virtual session as an Eventbrite. This way, I limit the number of participants to about 10-12 people. We do a session that lasts one and a half to two hours, which allows everyone to participate and make real progress on their chosen task. I encourage people to pick something that can be completed in that time frame so that we can all be part of the success. If a participant needs help identifying a project, I can help.

The launch: Each session is held in the evening at 6PM. We begin with everyone in the group going around and introducing their challenge. I immediately suggest a first step, depending on your project, like clearing out a shelf of the pantry or emptying the medicine cabinet. This gets us going from the start, so we have a productive session.

The Group Talk:  Since the group is small enough, everyone is invited to share their tidbits of information as well as encouragement. Sometimes people know one another, but often we are meeting together for the first time, and it’s really fun to see everyone get involved in helping each other out.

I hope you’ll consider joining me in an upcoming Talk & Tidy session. Here is a link for the January 2023 session, and you can contact me to sign up to get the word on future sessions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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